Mobile Hospital
     Eye Camps
     School for Kids
     AIDS Awareness
     Yoga Classes
Social Activities

As part of our social commitment to serve the society, We have engaged ourselves in various Social Activities, to create a better environment for the present and future generation.

Mobile Hospital

A project of Our chairman, Mr.E.Palanisamy, the Free Mobile Medical Hospital is able to identify various areas to help the workers of the industry. Free medical checkups, medicines and treatment for illness are provided to the workers in their work place once in every week. And the expense of the medicine issued by the mobile clinic is shared by Armstrong
Eye Camps

Eye Camps are regularly conducted by us for the people residing in and around the villages of Tiruppur, once in a Year. Eye check up, Eye operation, Eye glasses and medicines are provided for the poor people at free of cost. Nearly 1000 poor people residing in about 50 Villages have benefited from this service every year.
School for kids

We have joined hands with our Customer, M/s. Migros in opening a school to serve the children of belonging to the families who are financially backward.The school provides education, transport, books and uniforms free of cost. Started in the year 1999-2000 with 43 students with our active members encouragement, the cumulative student strength has increased to 1400 students in 2010.
Aids Awareness Program

Given the global dimension to the problem of HIV and the seriousness of AIDS dangerously acquiring epidemic proportions, we have initiated an AIDS Awareness program among the workers which are beneficiaries of our free medical aid. For an epidemic which is spreading at an alarming rate,

We firmly believe right awareness is the best preventive measure. We provide information on AIDS control, and free distribution of Condoms to reduce the risks
Yoga Classes

Yoga has been globally accepted as great stress reliever. With emphasis on holistic living and right balance of the mental and physical states we offer yoga classes to our workforce with an aim in improving their quality health and fittness
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